Darell Burke Productions

Sharing world experiences through the eye of the camera lens


My name is Darell Burke. I have a desire to experience the world, meet new people, and explore new cultures by telling stories through different media resources. Media formats such as television and film offer such innovative experiences shared by others in the world and provide us with a special insight about the world we live in. I believe I have an incredible talent for storytelling within my work, and believe it is the essence of having a good piece to show to the public.That is something that will always be important in society, and as a media artist I hope to help contribute to the growth of the media industry in as many nuanced ways as I can.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, and two minors in Film and Psychology. Currently I am doing my best to remain sharp within my craft by pursuing various freelance and contract working opportunities.. I hope to eventually carry my skills onward to an executive position within the media production field where I will play the role of producer or the production coordinator.

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